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Tea Yard is inspired by India’s unrivalled natural herbs, spices, and variety of tea leaves to prepare new blends to offer you a truly magical experience along with a healthy lifestyle. We want to create a legacy of beverages by offering the best quality, fresher and rejuvenating green tea. Our wide range of Green Tea has a remarkable essence of purity that ensures sound health to people.

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Green Tea Bags

Green Tea Bags

Loose Green Tea

Loose Green Tea

Why Our Green Tea Blends Are Better?

Why Our Green Tea Blends Are Better?

We follow stringent parameters to serve you only the best.
  • Sourced from native region
  • Original species of the tea
  • Grown organically under natural environment
  • No added flavours, additives or preservatives
  • World-class production methods
  • Speciality packaging for longevity


  • Ashish Tayal
    I was an intense coffee drinker, but there was no energy lift. I fell in love with Tea Yard's Green Tea the moment I had those sips. The taste, aroma, and desired effects are exactly what I needed. Morning thunder tea really did the trick as it gives me the desired energy levels without being frenetic, and tastes fresher other green teas I've tried. Fantastic product!
    Ashish Tayal
    Fitness Trainer
  • Shruti Lamba
    I am a new loyal customer of Tea Yard! Tried 3 green tea variants of yours and all were smooth in taste and there is no bitterness at all. The contents are of high quality and are of great help when I need concentration and focus. The best part is, it also keeps my hunger under control. This is the green tea of my choice!
    Shruti Lamba
    Academic Consultant
  • Surbhi Sharma
    I love the freshness of the taste in my purchased Herbal Remix variant. It is so perfect for my afternoon tea after lunch when I need something to keep my sleep at bay. It is a true natural green tea that has really assisted in boosting my immunity level as the season is changing. I can feel that I don't have dizziness or lethargy as of earlier.
    Surbhi Sharma
    Android Developer
  • Swati Pandey
    I love this Tea Yard Green Tea - great quality, smooth & energetic. The packaging seals well which when you know it will last for longer. I needed to use only a little bit as these tea leaves are too potent and a little is enough. There is negligible bitterness and I can sip it without worrying of those aftertastes. I really do feel better by drinking their tea daily. Thanks for such wonderful selection!
    Swati Pandey
    Content Creator
  • Manisha Sinha
    I have always been a green tea lover and these specific blends from Tea Yard are awesome. I bought it after a recommendation by a friend and loved it instantly. I get the desired effects from these teas and there is no slump afterwards. I can drink these green teas all year round. My energy levels have never been so better!
    Manisha Sinha
That’s How Everything Started
We Didn’t Want Boring Green Tea

That’s How Everything Started

It all started with sipping regular green tea with no other options at all. Starting from mixing lemon and honey to trying out new addition – that’s how the idea came to introduce an all-new Green Tea experience for tea lovers like us.




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