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How Green Tea Could Help You Win The Weight Loss Game?

How Green Tea Could Help You Win The Weight Loss Game?

How Green Tea Could Help You Win The Weight Loss Game?

It is a well-known fact that green tea is beneficial for health. But most people out there are unaware of how it helps in losing weight. People, commonly are of the view that sipping green tea twice a day (morning & evening) will help them achieve their fitness goals. Contrary to their belief, it’s the other way around. In this blog, you will find out that how a cup of green tea can help you win the battle with your weight.

Does green tea really help in weight loss?

If you want a one-word answer then Yes, it does up to some extent. But how? Let us find out.

Nature has got a green thumb and all of us have been taking it for granted. Green tea is yet another product that nature produces which could easily lay down the foundation of your weight loss journey. Green tea is a composition of catechin (a type of flavonoid), B vitamins, magnesium & folate which aids in reducing cholesterol and improves the functioning of the heart. When our heart functions well it pumps blood at a faster rate. And when the heart works faster it consumes more energy than required. Our body obtains this energy either from food or from the stored body fat. All this paves the way for fat loss.

However, drinking green tea is not enough if you are serious about losing weight. The right food at the right time coupled with some exercise is a crucial factor rather a prime thing which you should keep in your mind. Moreover, green tea is loaded with caffeine, plant fibres and compounds that apart from simulating the blood flow helps the body to burn excessive fat & supports exercise performance as revealed by many studies conducted in the past.

So, yes, green tea really helps in weight loss.

How Many Cups & When to drink Green Tea for Sheer Impact?

Everyone wants positive & fast results but there is a right time for everything to prevail. If you are a fitness enthusiast and looking forward to having a healthy lifestyle then green tea could be your true companion. However, there is a pre-defined way to consume green tea. The best time to drink green tea is between meals. For instance, you ate your breakfast at 9 am and your lunch at 2 pm. Then the best time to energize yourself with a cup of green tea is at 12 pm. You should take a leap of at least 2 hours after having your food.

If you drink green tea with your meal, it will curb the intake of minerals & iron from the food and also you won’t be deriving the maximum benefit from catechins present in the green tea compounds.

Although, it is seen that people drink an excessive amount of green tea whenever they feel like but it is not a good health practice. You should consume green tea not more than five cups a day. Five cups of green tea are ideal to help you shed off some weight. The overconsumption of anything is catastrophic to health and green tea is one of them.

At last, we hope you have got an idea about the unmatched benefits of green tea as far as fat is concerned.

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